Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Families

It’s never too early or late to teach kids how to eat healthy! Whether you have a toddler or a teen, good nutrition should not be overlooked.

Here are 3️ tips to encourage healthy eating habits for kids and families:

1. Introduce only one new food at a time

New foods can be intimidating not only to kids but adults too. Trying a huge plate of a new food can feel overwhelming. Instead, give one spoonful at the beginning of the meal. Get the whole family involved with choosing and trying out new foods!

Pro Tip: Have your kids try a new food first before anything else when they are most hungry!

2. Try different preparation methods

It’s not a surprise that most kids don’t like steamed veggies; they can be soggy and gross! Instead, try other preparation methods, like roasting with olive oil and your favorite seasoning. Have the kids help wash and season the veggies before cooking.

Pro Tip: Try using the air fryer — it gives foods a crispy texture, which kids love!

3. Get kids involved in planning and prepping

If you want kids to eat healthy meals, give them some options of what healthy meals they will eat. This saves you from being a short-order cook! Looking for healthy recipes? Check out our recipes page

Pro Tip: Spend some time on the weekends, planning out your meals for the week. Some of our favorite kid-approved recipes include pulled chicken, egg muffins, and meatloaf muffins!

The best way that parents can encourage a healthy lifestyle for their family is to be a role model. Kids tend to follow the lead of the adults they are regularly around. You need to lead by example to make eating healthy a part of your family. Remember, eating healthy isn’t just for adults, it should be a family affair!